Remix Mini si aggiorna con 17 fix / ottimizzazioni varie

Nicola Ligas
Nicola Ligas Tech Master
Remix Mini si aggiorna con 17 fix / ottimizzazioni varie

Remix Mini si aggiorna quest'oggi via OTA alla versione 2.0.510 (build B2016071901), che porta con sé 17 fix ed ottimizzazioni di vario genere. Nessuna novità di particolare rilievo, ma pubblichiamo comunque il changelog completo qui sotto affinché possiate spulciarlo, mentre per quanto riguarda l'aggiornamento in sé, lo potete scaricare via OTA tramite il Remix Mini stesso.

  • Fixed issue where the task bar would automatically turn off after rebooting into the system.
  • Fixed issue where uplugging the mouse could result in certain app crashes.
  • Fixed issue where some Unity 3D-powered gaming mouse was not able to click-input.
  • Fixed issue where the “delete” key couldn’t delete files in trash bin.
  • Fixed issue where “ghost” shortcuts of uninstalled apps remained on the desktop.
  • Fixed issue caused by the native screen lock function of some music streaming apps.
  • Fixed issue where Wi-Fi connection was lost in standby mode.
  • Fixed output/input issues related to Bluetooth audio devices with some communication apps.
  • Fixed system crash that occurs when copying large files.
  • Fixed issue where double pressing ‘Ctrl+Alt+Delete’ would lead to system reboot.
  • Improved normal boot-up speed to 30 seconds.
  • Removed the 'Successful exit external devices' notification after formatting an external storage device in File Manager.
  • Improved the video and image browsing experience
  • Support for copying files and using desktop simultaneously.
  • Support for video calling and using desktop simultaneously.
  • Support for Chrome Switcher that allows Chrome browser to show websites in desktop mode by default.
  • Support for an improved version of Remix Central with more optimized apps available for download.

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