exFAT, NTFS e HFS+ su Android? Sì, con questo plugin per Total Commander

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exFAT, NTFS e HFS+ su Android? Sì, con questo plugin per Total Commander

Se avete mai sentito la mancanza del supporto per i filesystem exFAT, NTFS o HFS+ su Android, Total Commander, lo storico file manager, viene in vostro soccorso. O meglio, ci pensa un suo plugin. Vi basterà infatti installare Total Commander prima, e poi il plugin che trovate nel badge qui sotto, ed il gioco è fatto.

La prossima volta che collegherete una pennina al vostro dispositivo, la potrete montare (in lettura e scrittura) con Total Commander, anche se formattata con uno dei filesystem in oggetto, che coprono praticamente la maggior parte dei casi che potreste incontrar (NTFS è la scelta preferita di Windows, HFS+ dei Mac, ed exFAT dei dispositivi di archiviazione ad alta capacità, perché supera i limiti della FAT16/32 sui file di grandi dimensioni).

Il plugin è in realtà un trial di due giorni, in modo da poterlo provare con calma e verificare che faccia al caso vostro. Terminato questo tempo, dovrete pagare per continuare ad usarlo (2$ ciascuno per NTFS e HFS+, o 5$ per exFAT, ma che anche un bundle completo da 8$).

A mali estremi, monetari rimedi.

Paragon Software’s Collaboration with Microsoft Empowers Customers to Easily Share Large Data Between Storage and Mobile Devices

Industry’s First Consumer Edition of Paragon exFAT lets users work offline with documents larger than 32GB, watch movies, edit photos, and listen to music on-the-go!

FREIBURG, Germany – January 23, 2017Paragon Software Group (PSG), the cross-platform technology leader in mobile device and embedded system solutions, announces Paragon exFAT for Android – the industry’s first consumer edition of the exFAT (Extended File Allocation System) file system technology for Android users that makes it possible to exchange data between external storage media larger than 32 GB and all the latest consumer electronics.   Paragon exFAT for Android is a component of Paragon USB Plugin for Total Commander to offer instant, non-root, offline access to exFAT data from external storage drives directly on Android smartphones and tablets. For better on-the-go organization and easy mobile access, Paragon exFAT for Android allows users to easily view, backup, copy, and edit important documents, photos, videos, music, and other files between Android mobile devices and portable hard drives or flash drives. For this tool, Paragon Software Group is partnering with Microsoft.

“We are excited to collaborate with Microsoft by bringing to the market the industry’s first consumer edition of exFAT file system support and to make it available directly to Android users. One of the most difficult areas of cross-platform computing still remains data sharing between incompatible systems. While networking between the operating systems has become a lot easier, storage sharing is still problematical because of patented file system limitations,” said Paragon Software Group’s CEO Konstantin Komarov.

“Microsoft is pleased that this new partnership with cross-platform software developer Paragon Software will offer mobile consumers more options and flexibility. By enabling file sharing across operating systems, this agreement demonstrates Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to empower customers and businesses to achieve even more,” said Microsoft’s Vice President and Associate General Counsel Micky Minhas.

For many users who want to travel light, smartphones and tablets have already replaced laptops. Previously available only as a license-based solution for OEMs, now for the first time this technology is available to Android consumers who require data access to previously incompatible storage devices directly on their mobile devices.

Paragon exFAT for Android is based on Paragon Software Group’s exclusive Universal File System Driver (UFSD) technology, which enables any device to communicate and share files regardless of operating system. The technology incorporates portable implementation support for USB Mass Storage Stack. Beyond access, Paragon UFSD technology provides the highest data throughput speeds possible — equivalent to, or exceeding, native performance.

The company invites potential OEM partners and interested media to schedule an appointment with Paragon Software’s executives at Mobile World Congress February 27 through March 2, 2017. To schedule an appointment, please contact us at


Paragon exFAT for Android is available as a technology component of the newly updated Paragon USB Plugin for Total Commander for Android device users:, as well as for licensing to OEMs and ODMs as components of Paragon Storage SDK for Android: For more details about new technologies and evaluation options, please visit the company’s website: or contact 

Fonte: Paragon

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