ASUS rinnova la linea ROG: c'è anche un "portatile" da 18" 4K con NVIDIA G-SYNC e doppia GTX 1080

ASUS rinnova la linea ROG: c'è anche un "portatile" da 18" 4K con NVIDIA G-SYNC e doppia GTX 1080
Lorenzo Delli
Lorenzo Delli

ASUS approfitta del CES di Las Vegas per presentare la "nuova" linea ROG dedicata al gaming. Si tratta di rivisitazioni dei dispositivi già introdotti nel 2016. Ovviamente tutti i dispositivi in questione vantano le nuove GeForce GTX serie 10 di casa NVIDIA e processori Intel Core Kaby Lake. Praticamente tutti i portatili gaming presentati vantano schermi a 120 Hz con tecnologia G-SYNC, e non manca ovviamente il modello dotato di doppia GTX 1080 in SLI e schermo 4K.

Portatili Gaming ASUS ROG 2017

  • GX800VH: raffreddamento a liquido grazie all'apposito accessorio da collocare sul retro, due NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 in SLI, schermo da 18 pollici 4K con NVIDIA G-SYNC, tastiera meccanica MechTAG. Non si fa mancare davvero nulla!
  • G752: un laptop gaming VR-ready con GTX 1070, RAM DDR4 overclockabile, schermo a 120 Hz con NVIDIA G-Sync e la così detta 3D Vapor Chamber per migliorare la dissipazione termica.
  • G701: a bordo troviamo una GeForce GTX 1080, il solito pannello a 120 Hz con G-SYNC di NVIDIA, il design premium "Bio-Armor" e tante altre caratteristiche da portatile gaming al top.
  • GL502 e GL702: due portatili gaming più compatti con Kaby Lake, GTX 1070 o 1060 (sempre VR-ready), schermo a 120 Hz e G-SYNC.
  • GL553 e GL753: a bordo troviamo le nuove NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti e 1050 presentate proprio al CES.

PC Desktop Gaming ASUS ROG 2017

  • GT51CH: un PC desktop davvero potente, con processore Kaby Lake overclockato fino a 4,8 GHz, doppia NVIDIA GeForce GRX 1080 in SLI, fino a 64 GB di RAM DDR4, DAC integrato (ESS SABRE 32-bit/384kHz), tecnologia Aegis III per l'overclock, sistema ASUS Aura di effetti di luce del case.
  • G20CI: PC desktop più compatto con Kaby Lake, singola GTX 1080 e un occhio di riguardo alla silenziosità (solo 22 dB). Non mancano lo stesso DAC e sistema ASUS Aura del GT51CH.
  • GD30: un desktop che vanta un nuovo look con pannelli intercambiabili, processore Kaby Lake e l'immancabile GTX 1080 e tante altre caratteristiche al top.
  • GR8 II: il più piccolo PC gaming costruito appositamente per la realtà virtuale: Kaby Lake, 32 GB di RAM DDR4, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, doppia porta HDMI e speciale sistema di raffreddamento.

Accessori Gaming ASUS ROG 2017

Oltre ai portatili e ai PC Desktop, ASUS ha rinnovato l'intera linea ROG comprensiva di mouse, schede madri, zaini e router. Qui di seguito il comunicato stampa in inglese con tutti i dettagli.

Gaming motherboards

Based on the latest Intel® Z270 chipset and ready for the new extreme-performance 7th Generation Intel® Core™ (‘Kaby Lake’) processors, ROG and ROG Strix gaming motherboards are packed with world-leading innovations and ROG-exclusive technologies to deliver epic performance in for all gamers. The ROG lineup includes Extreme, redefined for water-cooling veterans and gamers who demand cutting-edge technologies, Formula for performance-hungry gamers and modders that want to dip their toes into custom water-cooling, and Hero for everyday gaming brilliance, The new additions are Code, a stylish motherboard made for those who love to mod, and Apex, a high-end performance-driven motherboard to appeal to power-user overclockers and gaming enthusiasts.

Also announced was the brand new ROG Strix motherboard lineup, with models crafted to appeal to every type of gamer: ROG Strix Z270E Gaming, ROG Strix Z270F Gaming, ROG Strix Z270H Gaming ATX motherboards, mATX ROG Strix Z270G Gaming and mini-TX ROG Strix Z270I Gaming. Unique, angular patterns inspired by the slashes of a sword lend to ROG Strix series’ striking visual accents, plus a reflective polychrome ROG logo emblazoned on a diamond-cut metal nameplate shines as a mark of gaming pride. ROG Strix Z270 gaming motherboards combine bold aesthetics, premier performance and incredible SupremeFX audio to deliver unrivaled gaming experiences and style.

For this generation ROG has also added Aura Sync, the world’s first motherboard-controlled synchronized RGB lighting, and introduces 3D-printing-friendly designs — enabling a new era of personalization and customization.

Gaming peripherals

ROG Strix Magnus is an all-new gaming microphone with three studio-grade condenser capsules for enhanced clarity and sensitivity — and the very first mic from ROG. Designed for live-streamers and avid gamers, Strix Magnus is both compact and stylish, and is also the industry’s first gaming microphone to offer both environmental-noise cancellation (ENC) and customizable Aura RGB lighting effects. The new gaming mic has an auxiliary port for recording audio from a musical instrument or smartphone, and comes with an external USB hub for connecting additional devices.

ROG Gladius II is an optical gaming mouse optimized for FPS games, with customizable Aura Sync RGB lighting and durable 50-million click Omron® switches. Featuring the exclusive easy-swap switch socket design, ROG Gladius II gives gamers the freedom to customize click-resistance and extend the life-span of the mouse. Gladius II also has a DPI button to toggle sensitivity and a DPI target thumb button for short bursts of instant precision.

ROG Strix Evolve is an innovative mouse featuring a changeable-shape design and Aura Sync RGB lighting. Easily changeable top covers enable four different ergonomic designs, making the mouse equally as comfortably for both left and right-handed gamers alike. Durable 50-million-click Omron switches will ensure that the most-used parts of the mouse, the mouse buttons, will reliably withstand the extra clicks.

ROG Strix Impact is a lightweight and ergonomically-designed ambidextrous mouse designed for maximum comfort during marathon MOBA gaming sessions. Aura Sync RGB lighting offers personalized customizations, and durable 50-million-click Omron switches will deliver dependable clicks for a long time to come. ROG Strix Impact also comes with a two-level DPI button for on-the-fly DPI switching, and an indicator to show the current level setting.

GX970 is a wired gaming mouse featuring a detachable side panel for optimized button layouts in different gaming scenarios. The standard side panel has two thumb buttons that are ideal for light gaming and general computer use. This panel can be switched with the included 10-button thumb panel that is perfect for quickly issuing commands during intense gaming action. GX970 also features onboard memory and intuitive companion software that lets gamers create and store up to three different profiles for optimal performance in different types of games. Additionally, adjustable tracking speed can be set from 50–12,000 DPI and a customizable weight system allows gamers to change the weight of the mouse based on their personal preference.

Gaming accessories

Designed for gamers on the go, the Shuttle 3 Backpack is ROG’s third-generation carry case and is able to accommodate laptops with displays of up to 18 inches. It includes ample interior storage space and a built-in fast-draw laptop sleeve, making it easy to remove the machine in moments. Shuttle 3 also has an easy-reach pocket for mobile phones and a special security compartment for other essentials.

The ROG Premium Backpack has an asymmetric, modular design with an internal suspension system and well-padded compartments offer great protection, keeping the Premium Backpack’s contents safe from everyday knocks and bumps. Its durable exterior is manufactured from a water-resistant polyurethane to provide protection against the elements.

Gaming router

ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 is the first ROG router designed specifically for gaming, featuring tri-band WiFi, eight-port gigabit-LAN, and its own powerful PC-grade, 1.8GHz quad-core CPU to enable incredibly fast and responsive network gaming. GT-AC5300 also includes two ultra-fast USB 3.0 ports.

The new router benefits from a number of innovative features to make gaming easier, and gameplay faster and smoother than ever. Chief among the gamer-friendly is Gaming Center, which provides an instant overview of the gaming network, so players can see at a glance the current internet status and stability, know how many gaming devices are online and what apps or games they are running. Gaming Center also helps gamers to control their network easily, with many one-click options; and it also shows server ping speeds for popular games from all around the world.

GT-AC5300 is the first gaming router to offer users three levels of game acceleration. Two of the eight LAN ports are dedicated gaming ports that prioritize network traffic to devices connected to those specific ports. The router also has a Game Boost feature that works in conjunction with two dedicated gaming ports to prioritize gaming traffic for the best networking speeds, as well as individual speeds for each connected gaming device. Users also have the ability to set up a private gaming network, to accelerate the connection between the router and preferred game servers.

The Game Intrusion Prevention System (Game IPS) offers integrated security based on Trend Micro™ technology to provide robust front-line protection for gaming networks. Game IPS allows PC-based anti-virus and firewall software to be temporarily disabled during gaming sessions, freeing up CPU performance for improved gaming speeds — and preventing legitimate game traffic from being blocked.

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