Con questo aggiornamento dei PowerToys sarà più facile trovare il cursore del mouse

Con questo aggiornamento dei PowerToys sarà più facile trovare il cursore del mouse
Antonio Lepore
Antonio Lepore

Microsoft ha rilasciato la nuova versione di PowerToys (0.55.0). Tra le novità, la possibilità di identificare velocemente la posizione del cursore del mouse premendo contemporaneamente i tasti (Ctrl+Alt+P). Inoltre, sono stati aggiunti due componenti di "Esplora file" che consentono di ampliare i tipi di file supporti dalla finestra di anteprima.

Oltre alla risoluzione di numerosi bug, è stato risolto il crash che si verificava su Zoom e altri client. Infine, Microsoft ha assicurato miglioramenti alla stabilità e alla velocità.

PowerToys, ricordiamo, è un tool di personalizzazione dell'interfaccia grafica a disposizione dell'utente. Esordì in Microsoft 95 per poi ritornare a bordo di Windows 10 (e successivamente Windows 11).


  • .NET runtime is now on 5, our next release will be upgraded to .NET 6. Moving to .NET 5 and then 6 helped reduce our moving parts in a single release so we went this route. Why this is important is this is one of the major work items needed for ARM64 support. In addition, this should help provide a speed boosts once we are on .NET 6.
  • @jsoref's spelling plugin help

Always on Top:

  • Fixed one of two borders showing incorrectly bugs.
  • Border defaults to OS accent color now. Thanks davidegiacometti
  • Reduced CPU / GPU activity. Not done improving, we know we can do better.


  • Bug fixed to not lose zones after update
  • Fixed editor margin issue for Chinese language. Thanks niels9001

File explorer add-ons:

  • GCode thumbnails now have transparency. Thanks pedrolamas
  • New Utility - Developer files for File Explorer preview pane. This should add about 150 file extensions total. We are using the Monaco Editor to power this experience. Thanks aaron-junker!
  • New Utility - STL thumbnail and preview panes added! Thanks pedrolamas!

Image Resizer:

  • Fixed bug with too much meta data. Thanks CleanCodeDeveloper
  • Fixed bug resizing bug for constant height while maintaining aspect ratio. Thanks CleanCodeDeveloper

Mouse utilities:

  • New Utility - Crosshair over pointer via Ctrl+Alt+P. This feature was co-developed with the accessibility team at Microsoft. Thanks niels9001 for helping with the icon!


  • Files are sorted now how File Explorer sorts.

PowerToys Run:

  • Improved speed and fixed bugs with Window walker plugin. Thanks htcfreek
  • Window Walker will now show path of elevated apps. Thanks davidegiacometti
  • Added UEFI command to system commands. Thanks htcfreek
  • Fixed crashing bug in EnvironmentHelper class. Thanks htcfreek
  • Fix URI plugin bug with ^:. Thanks franky920920
  • VS Code plugin not showing workspaces with latest Code version was corrected. Thanks ricardosantos9521
  • Fixed bug that caused plugins to not load. Thanks davidegiacometti
  • Fixed crash in Uri plugin and Web search plugin. Thanks cyberrex5!


  • Fixed a regression with settings being reset when moving from admin to non-admin

Video Conference Mute:

  • Fixed crashing bug with Zoom and other clients. We found someone we could remotely debug with and identify the actual crashing part.
  • Change of behavior: When leaving a meeting, VCM will now leave your microphone in the state it was. This mimics behavior of applications if VCM was not present.
  • Change of behavior: When you exit PowerToys, your current microphone state will remain.
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