Disponibile lo smartwatch "a luci rosse" di Geeksme (foto)

Disponibile lo smartwatch "a luci rosse" di Geeksme (foto)
Cosimo Alfredo Pina
Cosimo Alfredo Pina

La prima comparsa dell'hashtag #LifeLoversWatch risale all'ultima settimana di settembre, quando Geeksme lanciava il suo primo smartwatch. Il gadget, adesso disponibile sullo store ufficiale, offre molte funzioni già viste in questa categoria, ma con qualche aggiunta "hot" che cerca di differenziarlo dalla concorrenza.

GME1, questo il nome del wearable, offre un display OLED da 64 x 48 pixel, 12 LED che indicano il completamento degli obiettivi giornalieri, il tutto alimentato da una batteria da 55 mAh che promette fino a 5-6 giorni di autonomia. I cinturini sono realizzati in materiale plastico in vari colori (nero, viola, verde e beige).

Il GME1 è compatibile con Android (4.3 in poi) e iOS (7 in poi) grazie al modulo Bluetooth 4.0. Tramite la relativa app e le funzioni g!fitness, g!sleep, g!ecological e g!love sarà possibile tenere sotto controllo aspetti come attività fisica, sonno, impronta ecologica e performance sessuale.

Proprio quest'ultima funzione lo rende "unico" nel suo genere. Se quindi cercate un wearable che vi aiuti a tenere traccia di davvero ogni tipo di attività, forse il Geeksme GME1 fa proprio al caso vostro; lo trovate già sullo shop dell'azienda ad un prezzo di 99,90€ e spedizione in circa due settimane.

Geeksme launches the first #LifeLoversWatch
in the market at the price of 99,90€ ($94 excluding VAT)

Starting today the brand's first wearable can be purchased at www.geeksme.com. It allows to monitor the users' sexual performance, exercise and sleep quality, as well as calculate their ecological footprint.

The brand’s first device aims to create wearable technology that allows the user to achieve a healthy lifestyle in line with the environment.

You can watch the brand's new launch promotional video, featuring music by Marsheaux, on this link.

Madrid, October, 14 2015.- Geeksme, under the motto #LifeLoversWatch, announces the launch of their online store today at www.geeksme.com/store where the company's first wearable will be available at the price of 99,90€ VAT included (plus shipping costs) or $94 excluding VAT (plus shipping costs) and will be delivered to the first buyers within the next two weeks.

After more than 12 months working on the product's design and engineering, Geeksme launches a device with an outstanding design, ergonomics and light weight that has four different operating modes: g!fitness, g!sleep, g!love and g!ecological.

Geeksme's GME1 model is an aluminum-made watch, which has a 64 x 48 OLED monochrome display tempered-glass-made screen and 12 LED lights that show each daily goal's progress. Its 55mAh battery gives autonomy for 5 to 6 days, and is fully charged in just one hour and a half.

Initially featured in four different colors (black, violet, green and beige), the ergonomic wristbands are light, soft to the touch, washable and are made of a flexible and extremely resistant elastomeric material.

The Geeksme watch has its own mobile app that works with most devices running Android 4.3+ and iOS7+. Equipped with Bluetooth Smart technology (BLE 4.0), it allows a fluid communication with the smartphone and little battery consumption when the watch synchronizes with the phone in order to save the information gathered every day from the different modes. Learning the users' daily steps, the burned calories and fat, the exercise time, if they have a good rest or not, their sexual performance or the ecological footprint will allow them to be more aware of their everyday life.

According to Rodrigo Silva-Ramos, Geeksme's co-founder: “Our watch is addressed to those who love life and search for more than measuring calories or getting notifications. Geeksme walks the extra mile and offers an ecosystem full of values and functions to get to know ourselves better every day. Working out, having sex or, just getting a better sleep, as well as being able to improve our relationship with the environment”.

You can watch the brand's new launch promotional video, featuring music by Marsheaux, on this link.

Geeksme's Life Lovers Watch four modes

Initially featuring four modes, the company is already working on new functions for future updates.

g!fitness mode.

With the g!fitness mode the users can learn the steps they take, the distance they walk, the calories and fat they burn or the time they exercise every day. Moreover, and thanks to the mobile app, the user will keep track of this daily information, as well as thoughtful graphics that will help the users to see weekly, monthly and yearly statistics for every value.

The device also has 12 LEDs that light up as the users go further on their daily fitness goals. A certain feeling of wellness surrounds the users when they fulfill a daily goal and the watch vibrates to announce that it is completed – e.g. 10,000 steps walked. A flag icon and the 12 LED lights on each screen indicate that the 100% of the taken steps, walked distance, burned calories, and fat or exercise time has been completed.

g!love mode.

Undoubtfully, one of the most innovative functions that Geeksme GME1 has to offer is the possibility of measuring the users' sexual performance. In a private and optional way, the user

will be able to activate the g!love mode before the sexual act.. The device has been especially designed to analyze and interpret the information regarding the movements performed during the sexual act in order to offer the users information about the calories and fat they burned, as well as its intensity. The users can keep track of the start and end time, the length of each event, how frequently they have sex, weekly, monthly and yearly statistics as well as graphics that show the movement intensity.

The users can also rate the satisfaction after every act and that way will be able to keep statistics that will allow them to get to know themselves better in this matter.

As ÁngelSánchezDíaz,Geeksme'sCo-founder says:"Learningouraveragesextimes,ifweare active or passive, or how frequently we make love, among many other things, are data that can help everyone to get to know themselves better. Most recently fitness trackers have been showing us how many steps we take and how many kilometers we walk every day. For better or for worse, this information surprises people. Now Geeksme GME1 watch intends for its users to also learn about their sexual activity as a part of a self-learning process”.

The company is already developing new functions related to this g!love mode and will be available soon.

g!sleep mode

Geeksme also automatically monitors the users sleep quality, showing the total time, if it was deep or light sleep, how many times they woke up and how long does it take them to fall asleep. The graphics, statistics and values, can be checked in the application so the users understand their sleep patterns and find out if they are having quality sleep.

g!ecological mode.

Geeksme is committed to a healthy lifestyle in line with the environment. That's why another brand new feature is the g!ecological mode, which is able to measure the users ecological footprint and raise awareness of how our lifestyle has an influence on the environment.

After a brief questionnaire, the users will be able to discover the value for their ecological footprint. Moreover, its main innovation consists on the watch combining the users' lifestyle information with the dynamic information gathered every day. As Ángel Sánchez puts it: “It is common sense that during your workouts or sexual encounters, you are not performing potentially contaminating actions that have a negative impact on your ecological footprint. Therefore, the watch reminds us our ecological footprint value every day and invites us to reduce it through little actions that everyone is able to take”.

In addition to all these modes, the application offers a set of tips and suggestions related to all the modes available, that aims for the users to improve their lifestyle every day. The screens' (or modes'), settings can be changed through the app so the users can choose which ones they want to see and disable those which are not of their interest.

Besides, and under Geeksme's philosophy and values, which are based on the users' privacy protection, all the users' data is privately and securely stored.

Geeksme GME1 technical features

  •   Modelo Geeksme GME1
  •   Equipped with Bluetooth® Smart technology (BLE 4.0)
  •   Tracker dimensions: 32 x 32 x 9,5 mm. Weight: 12.1g
  •   OLED monochrome display (64 x 48)
  •   12 LED lights that indicate the daily progress of defined goals
  •   Tempered-glass-made screen with touch zone indicator.
  •   Aluminum tracker (gunmetal color).
  •   Splash resistant
  •   30-day memory
  •   55mA lithium rechargeable battery
  •   3-axis accelerometer and vibrator
  •   4-pin connector for charging
  •   4 working modes: g!fitness, g!sleep, g!love and g!ecological
  •   Alarms and reminder configuration.
  •   Calls and message notifications (available soon)
  •   Ergonomic and durable and washable high quality elastomer material- made interchangeable wristband(See 3-band pack)
  •   Wristband dimensions: 254 x 18 mm. Weight: 14.3 g. It fits a wrist diameter from 140 to 205mm
  •   Application compatible with Android 4.3 and above and iOS 7 and above. Download it from Google Play and App Store. Available in Spanish, English y French.
  •   Box includes tracker, black wristband, 4-pin charger, USB cable, user quick guide and warranty card.
  •   Certifications: CE, FCC, Bluetooth SIG, RoHS, PAHS Reach and Crop65.
  •   2-year international limited warranty within EU.
    Price: 99,90€ (VAT included) or $94 (USD) (VAT excluded).
    Price for the additional 3-band pack: 29,90€ (VAT included) or $28 (USD) (VAT excluded).To learn more, please visit www.geeksme.com or follow the company news on Twitter (@Geeksme_) and Facebook.Click here to download high quality pictures.About GeeksmeGeeksme is a Spanish company that is devoted to the design and production of wearable devices within the “lifestyle” sector. Founded in 2015 with 100% Spanish capital, it has two co-founders, Rodrigo Silva-Ramos, Co-founder of Geeksphone and Blackphone, and Ángel Sánchez, who has extensive experience in the world of technology, having previously worked for multinational companies such as Telefónica, Huawei and ZTE. Geeksphone's first device (#LifeLoversWatch) will be launched on October, 14 2015 through their online store at www.geeksme.com.
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