Remix OS per PC si aggiorna ad Android 6.0 Marshmallow (video)

Nicola Ligas
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Remix OS per PC si aggiorna ad Android 6.0 Marshmallow (video)

Il progetto Remix OS per PC continua il suo sviluppo, aggiornandosi quest'oggi ad Android 6.0 Marshmallow, ma le novità non si limitano al solo passaggio alla (per ora) più recente versione del sistema operativo.

Anzitutto è aumentato l'elenco di PC e laptop compatibili con Remix OS per PC, grazie alla maggiore compatibilità con i chip grafici di NVIDIA e AMD. Inoltre ci sono novità a livello di interfaccia, in particolare per la gestione delle finestre, tra cui:

  • Nuovi pulsanti per ridimensionare una finestra per adattarsi precisamente al contenuto dell'app, assicurando di mantenere un layout ottimale ad ogni dimensione
  • Le app basate sui video diventano in full screen se massimizzerete il video, anziché restare in una finestra più piccola
  • Il ridimensionamento delle finestre può essere fatto anche lungo i bordi delle stesse (tranne che sul lato superiore), anziché solo dall'angolo in basso a destra.

Remix OS per PC rimane come sempre gratuito e liberamente scaricabile dal sito dell'azienda (ancora non sembra disponibile, ma l'aggiornamento dei server non dovrebbe tardare).

Se aveste problemi di installazione, date un'occhiata alla nostra guida, e fate anche riferimento al secondo e terzo video pubblicati qui sotto.

Remix OS for PC upgrades to Android 6.0 and is free to download now

Upgrade brings additional device support and improved user experience to Jide’s Android desktop OS

July 26, 1016 (Beijing, China) - Jide Technology, the team behind Remix OS, has released an upgrade to Remix OS for PC, one that is based on Android 6.0. The migration to Marshmallow marks the next step in evolution for Remix OS for PC, with many added features reflecting the feedback delivered by the user community. The unique operating system is now available to download for free and can be installed on the majority of Intel-based PCs, laptops and Macs.

Remix OS for PC is a productivity focused, desktop version of Android, offering multiple resizable windows, true keyboard and mouse support, and an advanced file manager enabling users to create content as easily as they consume it. Following this upgrade, over a dozen more PCs and laptops can now run Remix OS for PC due to an increased number of NVIDIA and AMD GPUs that are now supported.

Given its lightweight size and system requirements, Remix OS for PC is well suited to be installed on a USB drive (8GB+) and used as a portable workspace securely containing the user’s documents and apps. This particular use case has significant advantages for users within emerging markets where shared PCs are more common.

A key feature of Remix OS for PC is multiple window support, and this has been vastly improved in the migration to Marshmallow. Significant examples include:

  • New button has been implemented that resizes a window to fit specifically to the app’s content - ensuring optimal layout is maintained
  • Video-based apps now open up in full-screen when you maximize the video rather than staying in a small framed window
  • Resizing windows manually can now be initiated anywhere along the edge of the window (other than the top edge), rather than just on the bottom right corner

Jeremy Chau, Co-Founder of Jide Technology says, “A couple of things really helped us to improve the user experience for this Android 6.0 upgrade of Remix OS. First, we collected all the feedback our user community sends us and prioritized our development work based on their needs. Second, Chih-Wei Huang’s (Android-x86 Open Source Project founder) addition to our team has been huge. His knowledge and experience has helped us immensely in creating a more stable experience on Remix OS for PC.”

Remix OS is now available free for download here: