GoPro Hero6 Black: 4K a 60 fps e stabilizzazione senza precedenti si paga 570€ (foto)

GoPro Hero6 Black: 4K a 60 fps e stabilizzazione senza precedenti si paga 570€ (foto)
Cosimo Alfredo Pina
Cosimo Alfredo Pina

Giornata di importanti novità oggi per GoPro e tra queste c'è anche la nuova action cam Hero 6 Black. A poco più di un anno dal lancio della Hero5, l'azienda è quindi pronta con la Hero6 Black che debutta di fianco a GoPro Fusion, rinnovandosi principalmente in termini di feature sotto la scocca.

GoPro Hero6 Black: caratteristiche tecniche, video 4K a 60 fps

Seguendo i passi della concorrenza, GoPro Hero6 Black si aggiorna in termini di capacità video offrendo così la possibilità di girare fino in 4K a 60 fps oppure se si scende a 1080p si arriva a ben 240 fps.

Il tutto grazie al nuovo processore GP1 che gestisce il sensore da 12 megapixel (stessa risoluzione della Hero5 Black) "permettendo il doppio del frame rate, qualità d'immagine migliorata (condizioni di scarsa luce, gamma dinamica più ampia) e stabilizzazione drasticamente migliorata

Il design resta invariato, cosa necessaria anche a conservare la compatibilità con tutti gli accessori compreso il drone Karma (qui le novità per il drone); anche l'impermeabilità senza custodia esterna fino a 10 metri di immersione resta. Di seguito le feature principali della Hero6 Black:

  • Processore GP1, sviluppato da GoPro
  • Video 4K 60fps e 1080p 240 fps
  • Compatibilità con QuikStories ed app GoPro
  • La migliore stabilizzazione vista su una Hero
  • Funzione touch zoom
  • Velocità di trasferimento triplicata su rete Wi-Fi 5 Ghz
  • Impermeabilità alle immersioni fino a 10 metri di profondità
  • Compatibilità con GoPro Karma e accessori GoPro Mount
  • Gamma dinamica e performance con poca luce migliorate
  • Foto RAW ed HDR photo
  • Controlli vocali in 10 lingue
  • GPS, accelerometro, giroscopio
  • Wi-Fi e Bluetooth

Immagini GoPro Hero 6 Black


Features Custom GP1 Processor, Next-Level Video Stabilization and 3X Faster QuikStories

Fusion Spherical Camera Launched – A New Era of Creativity Begins


SAN MATEO, Calif., (September 28, 2017) – GoPro, Inc. (NASDAQ: GPRO) today unveiled HERO6 Black, the most powerful and convenient GoPro, yet. Powered by GoPro’s custom-designed GP1 processor, HERO6 achieves an entirely new level of performance including stunning 4K60 and 1080p240 video and the most advanced video stabilization ever achieved in a GoPro.  GoPro also launched Fusion, its bar-setting waterproof, mountable 5.2K spherical camera. Additionally, GoPro introduced new mounts and accessories plus a new Follow mode for its Karma drone.


“HERO6’s next-level image quality, video stabilization and three times faster QuikStories performance makes it a powerful storytelling extension of your smartphone,” said Woodman. “It’s never been easier to live it, then share it…using a GoPro.”



With stunning 4K60 and 1080p240 video packed into a rugged, waterproof, go-anywhere design, HERO6 Black and the GoPro App automatically transform your adventures into cinematic QuikStory videos you can share with the world. HERO6 also has dramatically improved dynamic range and low-light performance to really make things pop, and an added digital zoom just to get crazy.


  • Powered by GoPro’s Custom-Designed GP1 Processor
  • 4K60 and 1080p240 Video
  • QuikStories Enabled, GoPro App Compatible
  • Most Advanced Stabilizationof any HERO camera
  • All-New Touch Zoom
  • 3x Faster Offload Speeds via 5GHz Wi-Fi
  • Waterproof to 33 Feet (10m)
  • Compatible with Karma and Existing GoPro Mounts
  • Improved Dynamic Range and Low-Light Performance
  • RAW and HDR Photo Modes
  • Voice Control in 10 Languages
  • GPS, Accelerometer and Gyroscope
  • WiFi + Bluetooth


Developed from the ground up to maximize a GoPro’s capabilities, GP1 enables twice the video frame rates, improved image quality, dynamic range, low-light performance and dramatically improved video stabilization over previous HERO camera generations. Importantly, GP1 automates all of these benefits, allowing users to capture vibrant videos and stunning photos without messing around with complex image settings. GP1 also advances GoPro’s capabilities in computer vision and machine learning, enabling HERO6 to analyze visual scenes and sensor data for improved automated QuikStories.


QuikStories is an app feature that makes it easy to share short videos of your adventures. HERO6 is optimized for QuikStories with 3X faster WiFi. This means your footage will rapidly transfer from your GoPro to your phone where the GoPro App will automatically create QuikStory videos for you.



With its ability to capture immersive 5.2K spherical content, GoPro Fusion marks the beginning of a new creative era. Fusion captures everything around you so you’ll never miss the shot, and gimbal-like stabilization makes it all shockingly smooth. Use the GoPro App to play back and share your footage as VR content or use the app’s OverCapture™ feature to recapture and share your spherical shot as a traditional fixed perspective video.



  • 2K30 and 3K60 Spherical Video
  • 18MP Spherical Photo
  • GoPro App Compatible
  • OverCapture Allows for Traditional Video Creation from 360 Footage
  • Advanced Stabilization
  • 360 Audio
  • Waterproof to 16ft (5m)
  • Time Lapse Video + Photo, Night Lapse and Burst Modes
  • Works with Most GoPro Mounts
  • Includes Fusion Grip Mount
  • Voice Control in 10 Languages
  • GPS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Compass
  • WiFi + Bluetooth

KARMA – Take the Lead. Karma will tag along

Karma is ready for HERO6 Black and features two new auto-shot paths: Follow and Watch. Using GPS, Karma can now automatically follow the Karma Controller while you’re on the go, keeping you framed in the shot. The Watch auto-shot path will keep Karma hovering in place while it rotates, keeping the Karma Controller in frame wherever it goes. Other new Karma updates include an expanded Cable-Cam auto-shot path and “Look Up” camera tilt capability.


  • Now HERO6 Black compatible
  • Follow - Follows the Karma Controller, framing you in the shot
  • Watch – Automatically keeps the Karma Controller in frame while hovering in place
  • Cable Cam – Set up to 10 waypoints for more complex shots
  • Look Up Tilt – Allows camera to tilt upwards to look above the horizon


Current Karma owners may unlock new features via firmware update, available today.


Additional New Products

  • Shorty – The ultimate pocket-able extension pole and tripod, perfect for any activity.
  • The Handler – An updatedfloating handgrip with a quick-release mounting feature.
  • Bite Mount + Floaty – A versatile bite mount with an easy-to-spot float, ideal for POV.


Learn more about GoPro’s new mounts and accessories HERE.

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