Questa chiavetta è perfetta per i nuovi MacBook 12 e non solo

Questa chiavetta è perfetta per i nuovi MacBook 12 e non solo
Cosimo Alfredo Pina
Cosimo Alfredo Pina

PhotoFast ha presentato la sua nuova linea di chiavette, EVO C, in grado di adattarsi ad ogni evenienza grazie a ben tre connettori. Infatti la soluzione di PhotoFast offre una porta Lightning, per connettersi ai più recenti dispositivi iOS, una USB 3.0 tipo A, per garantire compatibilità con la maggioranza dei dispositivi come i normali PC, ed infine una USB tipo C, compatibile anche con i MacBook presentati giusto ieri.

Le chiavette EVO C garantiscono velocità di trasferimento fino a 5 Gbps, saranno disponibili in vari tagli tra gli 8 e i 128 GB e corredate dall'app i-FlashDrive ONE per gestirne i contenuti anche dai dispositivi Android, iPhone ed iPad.

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I prezzi previsti per i vari modelli partono da 79,95$ per quello da 8 GB e raggiungono i 149,95$ per quello da 64 GB; il taglio da 128 GB deve ancora essere prezzato. Le chiavette PhotoFast EVO C saranno disponibili da aprile presso gli Apple Store e le principali catene di elettronica.

Taipei – 10th March 2015 – PhotoFast, the World’s pioneer of iOS flash drives has developed the World’s first storage solution to support the latest reversible USB Type C connector, Type A USB 3.0 and Apple’s Lightning connector for latest iOS devices.

The latest launch in the EVOlution series of drives that has taken the market by storm brings users the newest technologies while offering flexibility across key platforms. Ensuring data is highly portable becomes of increasing importance as new technologies are developed which not only focus on performance but data integrity and security.

PhotoFast EVO C gives users a solution to transfer, share and store data across new- generation laptops, smartphones and tablets that come with the new reversible USB Type C ports, which offer staggering data transfer rates up to 5-Gigabits per second.

“PhotoFast users are early technology adopters and we strive to ensure the latest technology is always in their hands. The new USB Type C connectors offer fantastic speeds of data transfer while being ready for the next generation of mobile devices, which means we are also ready for the next generation of mobile technologies,” commented Derşan Kaçmaz, Marketing Director at PhotoFast.

PhotoFast EVO C has a standard USB 3.0 connector with a USB Type C connector cleverly concealed inside, which can be slid out when required. On the other side the traditional Apple Lightning connector means that users have the flexibility to be able to transfer across Apple iOS devices, standard USB ports and the latest USB Type C ports.

“According to global analysis, the penetration of USB Type C will reach approximately 12% by 2016, which is a significant size in such a short period of time. Our goal at PhotoFast is to provide the World’s most innovative solutions on time. The PhotoFast EVO C is a clear indication of our commitment to the storage market and to our users who embrace latest technologies,” stated Kaçmaz.

PhotoFast went a step further to announce the development and future launch of the 10- Gigabit per second USB Type C drive in the coming months, which will be differentiated in a smaller and more compact housing design.

EVO C takes advantage of the intuitive i-FlashDrive ONE app that was launched in September in conjunction with the EVO launch. The i-FlashDrive ONE app is the smartest User Interface (UI) to date and the culmination of almost 4-years of user

analysis and experience that offers performance, security, back-up and the most convenient storage solution for even the most advanced of users.

PhotoFast has established itself as a global innovator in the specialty storage technology market place. After the launch of the first i-FlashDrive in 2011, the market leader, PhotoFast has continued to develop and revolutionize the way consumers handle data both internally and externally on their laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Availability and Pricing:

The new EVO C with Capacity from 8 to 128GB will be available in the first week of April 2015 in all well assorted Apple specialized Stores and well known IT-Retailers.

EVO Plus
8 GB
16 GB
32 GB
64 GB
128 GB


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