Triby: il magnete per il frigo smart è disponibile in pre-ordine

Triby: il magnete per il frigo smart è disponibile in pre-ordine
Cosimo Alfredo Pina
Cosimo Alfredo Pina

Vi abbiamo già parlato di Triby, il gadget smart pensato per rendere smart ogni frigo, presentato al CES di inizio anno. Questo hub per la cucina intelligente, realizzato da Invoxia, fa della semplicità il suo punto di forza.

Basta infatti attaccarlo al frigo grazie al magnete posizionato sul retro, per portare in cucina un hub tutto fare capace di offrire:

  • Speaker wireless (Wi-Fi e Bluetooth), con supporto diretto a Spotify e funzionalità vivavoce
  • Chiamate VoIP tramite app Triby
  • Post It elettronico grazie allo schermo e-ink

A completare Triby, anche un simpatico sistema di notifica meccanico che mostra un cartellino giallo in caso si sia ricevuto un messaggio o una nota.

Rispetto a quanto dichiarato in fase di presentazione, Triby arriverà con un po’ di ritardo; infatti sarebbe dovuto arrivare entro l’estate, ma ad IFA 2015 Invoxia ha rettificato la data: adesso potete pre-ordinare Triby per 199$, per riceverlo il prossimo ottobre.

Triby, connected speaker for the kitchen, raises its voice

Invoxia presents Triby, a multi-faceted audio and communication innovation at 

IFA 2015 – IFA TecWatch hall 11.1 / booth 30


Berlin, September 3rd 2015 – Revealed at the Las Vegas CES 2015 in January, the much acclaimed Triby by invoxia will be showcased at IFA from 4 to 9 September in Berlin.  

Triby is a connected device for the smart home.

Triby eases the family’s access to communication and audio. Intuitive and easy to use, it is aimed at people aged 3 to 103 and works at the touch of a button or via its companion app.

Wireless speaker with incredible sound 

Spotify Connect ready

The In Vivo Acoustic® technology delivers an incredible sound with solid bass and clear treble. Triby is a Best In Class Bluetooth and WiFi speaker. Fill the room with music from all sources: FM radio, Internet radio, music over Bluetooth... Triby also embeds the Spotify Connect technology, so that you can stream your Spotify playlists directly from the Internet over WiFi. And you don’t need your mobile anymore: you can assign Spotify playlists to Triby’s preset buttons.

Free Internet calls to your loved ones

Triby has its own private HD voice line linked to home, with much better sound quality than normal calls. No landline number is needed and unsolicited calls are a thing of the past. Only smart devices equipped with the free dedicated mobile application can call Triby’s line. Triby helps people who live together feel closer when some of them are away from home.

Outstanding hands-free for mobile calls 

With its 4 microphones and advanced noise cancellation algorithms, Triby inherits invoxia’s technology developed for professional conference phone systems. It connects with your mobile over Bluetooth and enables clear conversations at a distance of up to 15 feet /5 meters from Triby. Triby is the first device offering a True Hands Free experience at home for mobile calls.

The first connected Post It

From the mobile application family members can send messages and drawings to Triby’s e-paper screen, in order to communicate with their loved ones. A yellow flag magically pops out to indicate that new digital notes have arrived.

Made for your kitchen: stick it to your fridge 

Because the kitchen is a central place where family life happens, Triby has been designed to perfectly fit there. It can be attached to the fridge thanks to its sturdy magnetic back, and resists any water splashes. Triby is shockproof thanks to a solid colored rubber bumper that you can change to match your kitchen’s decoration. Triby is the best way to make calls and listen to your music while cooking!

With up to one-month of battery life, it will accompany each of the household’s moments.


Triby is now available for pre-order on both invoxia’s website and Amazon Launchpad at $199 and will be delivered from October 2015.

Triby at IFA

Meet and greet Triby at Invoxia’s booth at IFA TecWatch in hall 11.1 / booth 30


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