Withings e Spotify insieme per farvi svegliare con la vostra musica preferita

Withings e Spotify insieme per farvi svegliare con la vostra musica preferita
Cosimo Alfredo Pina
Cosimo Alfredo Pina

Withings Aura è la lampada smart dell'azienda francese che integra una sveglia, pensata per garantire risvegli piacevoli e graduali con luci e suoni appositamente studiati.

Dopo la collaborazione stretta con Nest, per garantire al meglio il controllo della temperatura non appena l'utente si corica, Withings ha annuncia adesso l'integrazione con Spotify.

Grazie a questo accordo oltre ai suoni di base sarà possibile scegliere la musica con cui svegliarsi anche dall'enorme raccolta del popolare servizio di streaming musicale (solo per gli utenti Spotify Premium).

Il tutto è stato svelato in occasione di IFA 2015, dove Withings ha presentato anche una nuova versione di Aura (Aura Total Sleep System) che per 289,99€, 100€ in più rispetto al modello base, si arricchisce di sensori più precisi.

Withings and Spotify Energise the Wake Up Experience WithNew Capabilities to the Aura Sleep System   
Withings partnership with Spotify offers users a tailor‐made wake up experience 
Berlin,  September 3rd 2015  ‐  Withings,  the  leaders  in  the  connected  health  revolution, announces a partnership withSpotify, the music streaming specialist to offer its Aura users a complete wake up and sleep experience. Aura is the first connected Alarm Clock compatible with  Spotify  Connect,  that  allows  access  to  Spotify's1 entire  catalogue  of  over  30 million songs  for  their  wake  up and sleep experience.  And  for  an  even  more  personalised experience,  Withings  is developing  a  system  of  recommendation  to  their users based  on playlists  effectiveness  on  waking  and  falling  asleep. Also,  Aura will  now  be  available  in  two devices:  the  new Aura Connected  Alarm  Clock  and  the  Aura  Total  Sleep System,  adding  a sleep sensor to the bedside device to analyse one’s sleep cycles.
The best wake‐up experience 
According to a sleep study conducted by Withings, 73% of UK respondants say a bad wake up can have a very negative effect on their day. To help start the day, energised users are gradually woken up with the blue melatonin light and Spotify music. The light helps to make users more alert and the music can be chosen and selected from any of the Spotify playlists.Users with the sleep sensor, which focuses on understanding personal patterns such as body movements, breathing cycles and heart rate, can choose to trust the Aura to wake them up at the most beneficial time of their sleep cycle.

The most efficient sleep experience  
The Withing Aura is the perfect bedside companion when it comes to sleep, mixing the benefits of light therapy and sleep‐dedicated playlists from Spotify. To fall asleep in the best conditions, Aura combines the benefits of light therapy and music specifically designed for sleep. The red light scattered by the Aura is the only light not inhibiting melatonin secretion, and thus helps the user to fall asleep gradually. Colourful noises, nature sounds or relaxing music, as many playlists as Spotify adds to its library available from Aura to sleep on a progressive program of 20 minutes. Some coloured noises are known to have a real impact on sleep, such as pink noise regulating the brain waves and optimising sleep.

Withings unique expertise 

Spotify  provide  users  with  the  best  music  for  every  moment  and  to  compliment  this Withings  has  created  a dedicated Spotify account  (available  here:  Withings)  which  suggests the best music to wake up and fall asleep. This  is  only  a  first step,  Withings  will provide  by  the  end  of  year  a  sophisticated recommendation  system  directly  available  in  the  Health Mate  application.  Suggestions will combine  the  user's  musical  tastes  and  the  efficiency  of  given  music  in  helping similar users fall asleep or get out of bed, based on aggregated data from Aura Sleep Sensors worldwide.

Cedric  Hutchings  from  Withings  says,  “By  combining  environmental  sensors,  light  therapy and now thanks to our partnership with Spotify, the most personal of musical choices, we can help  people  get  the  better  start  they  deserve  and  attack  the  day  energized  after a  sound night’s sleep.” '“Whether socialising with friends, relaxing at home or getting motivated at the gym, Spotify helps  you find  the  right  music”  said  Riad Hawa Business  Development Manager at  Spotify. “We are  excited  about being  integrated  in  the  Withings  Aura product  as  it  helps our  users enjoy their Spotify sleep and wake up playlists in a more integrated and meaningful way and we hope this will positively impact the quality of their sleep and well being.

A new range of Smart Alarm Clocks. 
The Aura range now has two products: Aura Connected Alarm Clock and Total Sleep System.

Aura Connected Alarm Clock 
‐ Aura Alarm clock
‐ Wake up and sleep Programs
‐ Environmental parameters of the room
‐ Spotify Service and web radios
‐ RRP: £149.95
‐ Available on Amazon and www.withings.com

Aura Total Sleep System
‐ Aura alarm clock + sensor
‐ Wake up and sleep Programs
‐ Environmental parameters of the room
‐ Sleep Sensor analysing nights
‐ Spotify Service and web radios
‐ RRP: £249.95
‐ Available on www.withings.com and partners

1Spotify premium accounts only

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