Withings Home: la videocamera ambientale Full HD è ora disponibile

Withings Home: la videocamera ambientale Full HD è ora disponibile
CosimoAlfredo Pina
CosimoAlfredo Pina

Annunciata all'IFA 2014, la videocamera remota Withings Home punta a fornire all'ambiente domestico un sistema davvero smart, con cui tenerlo sotto controllo. Oltre alla possibilità di visionare in remoto quello che accade in casa, tramite riprese Full HD grandangolari, l'avanzata webcam remota permette di monitorare alcuni interessanti aspetti come temperatura, umidità e qualità dell'aria.

Infatti tra i sistemi più innovativi della Withings Home c'è un rivelatore di VOC, composti chimici comuni negli ambienti inquinati. Al MWC 2015, attualmente in corso, Withings ha colto l'occasione per riportare l'attenzione sulla videocamera che è adesso accompagnata da alcune ulteriori novità.

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L'azienda ha infatti dichiarato che la Home è disponibile all'acquisto sul sito ufficiale e che dal prossimo 11 marzo sarà attivato il relativo servizio Cloud Video Recording. Pagando un canone mensile di 7,95$ per sette giorni o 19,95$ per trenta giorni, l'utente potrà salvare sul cloud, tramite connessione sicura, i dati raccolti dalla videocamera e dai suoi sensori, per ripercorrerli in qualsiasi momento, grazie all'app per dispositivi mobile (al momento solo iOS).

Se volete fornire la vostra casa di un set completo di sensori, con i quali tenere sottocchio non solo quello che succede, ma anche la qualità dell'ambiente, potrete trovare maggiori informazioni sul sito ufficiale, dove potrete procedere anche all'acquisto della vostra Withings Home, ad un prezzo di 199,95€.

Withings, the leader in the connected health revolution, announced the Withings Home at CES

2015, the first IP camera with air quality sensors. Withings Home helps users to achieve peace of

mind knowing that their living environment is safe and healthy. The device not only boasts a

high‐quality security camera with noise and movement detection features but also alerts users

to air pollution.

Withings is now offering the ability to automatically save up to 30 days of continuous video

footage. The Cloud Video Recording (CVR) option allows the users to scroll back in time and

watch whatever they have been missing in high quality definition.

Recorded video content easily accessible

From Wednesday 11th March users can go back in time, save and share their special captured

moments using Cloud Video Recording. CVR is an optional service that offers users the ability to: • Save up to 30 days of continuous footage in the cloud and browse whatever they have

been missing

• Keep up to 30 days of home diary to quickly scroll back in time and directly access the

short videos of all important events (noise and motion detection) • Record up to 30 days of timelapse, the best way to visualize a whole day in a few seconds

Access to the videos is simple and contextual. Users can start playing their recorded

with one single tap either on a diary event or when scrolling through the time‐lapse.

A seven‐day plan of CVR will be offered as a free optional service for a few months. Then, users

will be able to switch to two paid‐plan options for either seven‐days ($7.95/7.95€ per month) or

30‐days ($19.95/19,95€ per month).

CVR brings an additional benefit to the standard service that is already offering exclusive

features. With the free standard account users can already view animated GIF when ever a

movement is detected and they have access to a 48h timelapse.

A safe Cloud Video Recording service

Withings has followed the best practice in terms of data security and privacy to make sure that

video access and storage are truly secured. Withings is one of the first electronics manufacturers

to use WebRTC technology (Google open‐source project) to enforce the encryption of all the

media. Transport Level Security and AES encryption keep the video secure from the Home to

Cloud as well as from the Cloud to users smartphones. Recorded video footage is handled by

Amazon S3, who use state‐of‐the‐art electronics surveillance and encrypts all stored video on

their servers.

Best-in-class video monitoring with air quality sensors

With a 5‐megapixel sensor, the Home has the highest quality video complete with a 135° wide‐

angle zoom and clear night vision. No corner will go unseen by users who can also keep an eye

on their home even in the dark. Home's ePTZ‐technology lets users pan, tilt and zoom in and out

of the HD video feed. Home automatically enhances images immediately after movement to

show users the smallest details.

Aside from giving users vision into the home while away, Withings Home truly emulates how our

home is an extension of our health. Contrary to common belief, our indoor environment is two to

five times more toxic than our outdoor environment. Equipped with environmental sensors,

Home is able to measure level of Volatile Organic Compound1 (VOC) inside a home, a strategic

element of indoor air quality.


‐ HD video

‐ Wide Angle 135°

‐ 2 digital microphones and an HQ speaker

‐ 2 way audio with Audio Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction

‐ Clear night vision with mechanical IR switch

‐ Zoom ePTZ x 12 with 5MP CMOS Sensor

‐ Remote customizable night‐light

‐ Motion, Noise detection

‐ Flexible Cloud Video Recording Plan

‐ In‐app diary with free video and smart snapshot